The Evolution of Ape-Face Johnson


I performed the story of Ape-Face Johnson at Jon Friedman's Rejection Show as a narration with slidehow back in 2007, and have been meaning to do it as a written piece for years. I finally met the right editor, and it's just been published at The Hairpin, a wonderful online magazine by and for great women. It's called, "The Evolution of Ape-Face Johnson," and I think if anyone ever made fun of you in middle school (or anywhere), you'll relate. I hope you'll like it! And even if you don't, if all I've done is introduce you to The Hairpin? I'm happy! 


introducing Oscarina...

I've been doing a weekly cartoon lately, called "Oscarina..." It's loosely based on me as a child. My parents used to call me "Oscar the Grouch," and a "lemon," and accuse me of eating tiger meat on the sly, among other things, because I always had something to say about something that I didn't like or understand, which made me a bit of a pain in the ass, I guess. Anyway, I don't know what happened recently, but all of a sudden, this little girl just appeared on paper, and I just went with it. So, here's Oscarina! She has her own website, but she also appears from time to time on the Huffington Post's comedy site. She also has her own Facebook Fan Page, which she'd love you to "like." 

Here's the first Oscarina. 

UPDATE: Oscarina is now  appearing three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mondays are usually politically or media-inspired and often are reposted to the Huffington Post, Wednesdays are free-form, and Fridays are usually devoted to women's issues/causes. Why? Because I feel like it! 


"Gatz," by the ERS

I saw "Gatz" performed at the Public Theater a while back, by the ERS (Elevator Repair Service), and it was one of the most memorable -- for all the right reasons -- theater experiences I've had in my life. When they asked me for a donation for their benefit auction (which took place last night), I donated two hardcover "The Great Gatsby" editions, personalized with my own drawing. One depicts the suit Gatsby wore in the performance, a colorful delight. The other depicts Scott Shepherd in the role of the narrator, who reads the entire book while the rest of the ERS performs the action being narrated. It's long, but is over remarkably quickly because it's so engaging.



New Yorker cartoon caption contest this week!

Have a caption for this cartoon? Send it here!


Studio 360 interview: my "Aha moment: Cary Grant in Holiday"

NPR has a show called Studio 360, which I love, and they have a serial segment called the "Aha moment," where they call for listeners to contribute a story about a work of art/film/literature (whatever, really) that changed or deeply influenced their life. So, always one to pipe up, I wrote in with the story about the "retire young, work old" idea, as explained by Cary Grant's character in "Holiday," which I watched as a teenager at about 3am on a tiny old black & white TV in my parents' basement one night. My thanks to Britta Conroy-Randall and Jenny Lawton, for helping me not trip over my words and limiting my repetitions to only the ones they needed for the editing. 

Click here for the interview.

illustration by carolita johnson