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Back at the drawing board...

Here’s some cartoons of mine published in The New Yorker since we welcomed our brilliant new cartoon and humor editor, Emma Allen.

This one is totally based on a true story:


And then there's this, the oldest story in the world:


This next one (below) caused quite a ruckus, and I even got blamed for Trump's election! "Keep drawing cartoons like this and people will keep voting for people like Trump." If this is true, you have my most abject apology. The caption came to me without much forethought, as most captions do. Cartoonists are mostly sleep-deprived, humorless, ink-stained wretches, so there's no point asking me what I was thinking. I just tried the caption on for size, albeit after many years of education in medieval anthropology, literature, linguistics, sociology and, oh yeah, drawing, (and, oh yeah, working in fashion for 20 years, and being a woman for 51), and there it was. I sent it in and it was bought. The drawing is inspired by a Norman Rockwell painting that has always made me stop and think.


In related social plagues:



Below, possibly based on someone else’s true story, but not mine, and honestly I have nothing against beards, especially not any part of me (boom!). No, really, it's just that bearded hipsters are adorably earnest about their facial hair:

This caption contest winner was really quite good! 

And apparently my late husband responded to a ouija board summoning, and when asked if there was a message for me, the answer was simply “yes,” several times. So I’ll take that as a “yes.” No need to make this cartoon below come true:


There might have been more, and there definitely will be more, but I'm having trouble keeping up with it all, what with moving several times, and not always getting my mail or my internet on time. Back soon!

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