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New (and award-winning) cartoons in The New Yorker!

I'd like to pretend I'm just blasé about my cartoons in The New Yorker, but it's only that I forget sometimes that I have this blog, what with Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr to keep (rather sloppily) updated. So, here's some of my latest, though not all, cartoons in The New Yorker!

This one seems to resonate with lots of people! UPDATE 2015: this cartoon won silver medal for gag cartoons 2014 at the Society of Illustrators! So, yes, I guess it does resonate... 

This next one has been a personal favorite of mine for years, and I've redrawn it many times hoping to sell it, and I finally did! I think about it every time I look at the classifieds, just before deciding to "fall back on" my artistic talents.

Here's one that's very current, what with everyone AirBnB'in their places.

This one, my friends, is verbatim a true story told to me by a friend. She now owns the original:

Lordy, I have been negligeant, haven't I! Still more! 

Slowly catching up to that cartoon I sold on 60 Minutes in the previous post. Here's one about employment, or how I imagine it:

Here's one I was surprised to sell, because it seemed rather dark (which is me, very me):

One last one, thought it's not all. Speaking of dark!

To see all the others, if I missed one or two, just see my page at the CondeNast website, here. Some are even missing from there, as they're still putting stuff on the database, but it's a good sampling!

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